Alaskaug Augers

We offer a variety of cutter heads to match the requirements of your application. Alaskaug heads are heat treated cast steel for maximum performance and life. Heads are available as pin-on interchangeable units
of mounted on flight sections configured for digger derricks or production
type diggers.


Effective in packed earth, loose gravel, or broken stone.

Standard Carbide Rock Head

A medium duty rock head combining excellent performance with low cost.

Shank Plate

An economical head that can be supplied with a number of options to fill light duty drilling requirements.


The duplex features a double helix of carbide cutter teeth for the hardest of drilling conditions.


Designed for use in rubble and landfills, this head is practically indestructible.

9000 Series

Featuring a double helix of bullet teeth, this head is highly effective in both fractured and non-fractured materials.